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Shipping Costs
Due to distances shipping costs varies. Here are some estimated costs.
Gymnastics Bars - $85
Balance Beam - $43
Folding Balance Beam - $20
Gym Mat - $33
Earn Money to Defray the Costs of Gymnastics Equipment and Shipping

Our Gymnastics Equipment is heavy equipment and thereby very stable but also a little more costly to ship. Our company absorbs some of those costs to give our customers the best shipping rates possible. Shipping costs are largely based on 3 factors:

  1. Weight (gym sets 178 lbs, bars 120 lbs, beam & mat 58 lbs)
  2. Size of package**
  3. Distance
**Any box over 48" in length is considered oversized by shipping standards for which there is an additional charge of $10 per box. All gymnastics equipment falls into this category. Our company absorbs these additional charges.


We only ship to the United States. Shipping time varies for each product but usually is delivered in 2-3 business days or 4-5 business days for our West Coast customers. Special Order Items or Personalized Mats will ship in 2-3 weeks. All our merchandise is NEW and ships directly from our warehouse in Mokena, Illinois. Check the product detail page for information regarding the expected shipping date. Please note that this is only an estimated time of delivery and not a guaranteed delivery date.

Shipping Carrier
The shipping carrier we use is FedEx