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What is the weight limit on your gymnastics equipment?
Answer: Our bars are made for gymnasts weighing up to 140 lbs and is perfect for Levels 1-6. Extensions are included to provide maximum stability.

Our balance beams have a weight limit of 250 lbs.

Why is shipping so much?
Answer: Gymnastics Equipment is heavy equipment and thereby costly to ship. Shipping costs are largely based on 3 factors:

  1. Weight
  2. Size of package**
  3. Distance
**Any box over 48" in length is considered oversized by shipping standards for which there is an additional charge of $10-15 per box. All gymnastics equipment falls into this category. Our company absorbs most of these additional charges.

When do I need Bar Extensions?
Answer: You need bar extensions for more stability as gymnasts advances to higher skill levels 3-6 or for gymnasts weighing over 70 lbs. Our bars include extensions.

Is it difficult to assemble my gymnastics equipment?
Answer:It is very easy to assemble.

BALANCE BEAM - you will need power or phillips screwdriver.
GYMNASTICS BARS - you will need a adjustable wrench and 8mm L-Wrench (which is included).

Why are knobs on posts facing the opposite direction?
Answer: Our bars are made this way to keep the tightening balanced from opposite angles as the gymnasts rotates on the bar. This unique design is just one of the many features that contributes to the stability of the bar.

This is a gift. Is box unmarked?
Answer: Our boxes are delivered with markings. You will receive an email with tracking numbers so you will know the day your order will arrive. Or you can have packages delivered to your work or a friend or relatives house.

Can I pick up my order to save on shipping costs?
Answer: Absolutely! Our warehouse is located in Mokena, IL. At checkout, after you put in your address, the system will know you are a local customer. Then, under SHIPPING RATES, select PICK UP, and email us at barsandbeams@gmail.com or call 708-902-6507 to schedule a pick up time and date.

Do you have a Warranty?
Answer: Yes! Our bars come with a 3 year warranty. Our beams and mats come with a 1 year Warranty.

When will my item be delivered?
Shipping time varies for each product but usually is delivered in 2-5 days. Personalized items will ship in 2-3 weeks. Check the product detail page for information regarding the expected delivery time. Please note that this is only an estimated time of delivery and not a guaranteed delivery date. All our merchandise is NEW and ships directly from our warehouse.

Shipping to United States
We ship to the United States

Shipping to Canada
Not at this time

Guaranteed Christmas Delivery Date
Answer: The cut off date for "Guaranteed Christmas Delivery" is December 18th. If you order after December 18th, you may have a chance of having your order delivered before Christmas (shipping 2-3 days for most locations), however we cannot Guarantee delivery after the cut off date.